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Benefits of a Playroom

If you have children in your home, a playroom is a space from which everyone can benefit. With a little forethought and planning, even the smallest of homes can be fitted for a playroom. Some families even choose to have the kids share a bedroom so a second or third bedroom can become a playroom. Once you’ve decided where in the house the playroom can be, the team at Braemar can help you design this new and exciting space. Below we offer several benefits of having a playroom in the home.

Benefits of a Playroom

1). Space conditioning: Interestingly, having toys in a child’s bedroom can negatively affect the ability to go to sleep. Children are conditioned to play and explore when they see toys, art supplies, building blocks and puzzles. When all of these items are in a bedroom, it’s often hard for children to wind down and feel sleepy. In contrast, if a bedroom only includes beds, books, a rug and a few other items, kids’ brains quickly learn this space is for relaxing and sleeping.

2). Storage: If you’re tired of having toys strewn around the living room or if your feet are sore from stepping on small toys when trying to get out school clothes, perhaps a playroom is for your family. It’s a challenge to store everything in a bedroom. A playroom offers a perfect storage space for toys and other items that don’t belong in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom and that don’t fit in a traditional bedroom. Braemar offers a number of storage units that provide significant storage but also look classy when paired with the decor of a room.

3). Easier play dates: A common space such as a playroom encourages cooperative play among children because it’s a room for all of the kids. It doesn’t have a name attached to it like a bedroom typically does. Parents can choose what stays in the playroom and what stays in the bedrooms. That way, if children have special toys that could possibly get broken or disassembled, they can keep those in their bedrooms.

4). Encourages child development: Playrooms are easier to organize than bedrooms because there are no clothes or other personal items involved. Many families organize a playroom much like a preschool classroom with a table for arts and crafts, buckets for blocks, a sand/pasta table, a space for reading and looking at books, etc.

Believe us when we say, designing or renovating a space for a playroom will be well worth it. It will not only give you an opportunity to clean out items no longer used, but it will offer a brand new space, full of the playroom storage you need, that offers the entire family numerous short-term and long-term benefits. Contact us today to learn more about creating the perfect playroom for your family.

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