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Benefits of a Man Cave

With football season in full swing, the menfolk are attached to the TV every Thursday, Saturday, and whatever other day football may be playing on the tube. At this time of year, men are craving their own spaces, especially when women and children consume other part of the home.

With this thought in mind, the Braemar team felt it was a great time to talk about man caves. Is the man in your home fortunate enough to have one of these luxury spaces? It may be a detached building, basement room, attic spot, or neglected garage space. Whatever it is, a man cave is a place where the men isolate themselves to watch sports, drink beverages, eat junk food, play games, use technology, and do whatever else floats their boat.

Even though man caves sound self-indulgent and unnecessary, there are apparently a number of advantages to having one of these spaces in your home.

Advantages to Having a Man Cave

1). Men Feel at Home: Men don’t typically feel “at home” in parts of the house decorated by a woman. No offense regarding frames, vases, or canvases painted during a recent girls night out, but a man needs at least a small corner of the house to call his own. In this space, a man can do whatever he wants. He can hang his college paraphernalia, sports pennants, and fraternity paddles. He can store a plethora of exciting beverages in the fridge and junk food galore in the cabinets.

2). It Helps with Emotional Bonding: When a man has a space to call his own, he can bond even more significantly with the lovely lady in his life. Because women tend to decorate the main living spaces, the main areas of the home tend to regulate her emotions better than his. This can leave a man feeling emotionally unfulfilled on a subconscious level. When he can get away to his man cave for a while, he feels ready to hang out and bond with the fairer sex.

A great article on describes it like this: ‘While men might be unaware of this need, it’s definitely present. Kira Sterling, chief marketing officer for Toll Brothers custom home builders, says her company is seeing a dramatic uptick in the amount of requests for extra man space. “Men are carving out space with a lot of technology, surround sound, wet bars, exercise equipment, steam, saunas, wine bars and storage,” she says. “It’s almost like tree houses from your childhood: no girls allowed.”‘

3). Work Hard, Play Hard Mentality: Regardless of age, many men possess the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. Whether they’re full-time professionals or stay-at-home dads, they feel they deserve to play at some point during the day. A man cave typically includes a game station, their favorite music, their favorite movies, television, surround sounds, pool tables, and more. It’s like a playground for grown men.

Now that we’ve given you a few reasons as to why your home may need a man cave, let’s talk about how to create one. Basements and attics are great locations for man caves. They’re just enough out of the way so men can have some space but still within the same home structure. Great cabinets and storage units are a must when it comes to man caves. Where else will you store all of their equipment, games, and toys. Call Braemar today so we can help you create the man cave of your dreams.

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