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Benefits to Having a Mudroom

Individuals who have become accustomed to a mudroom know the value of a space such as this. Families use this type of area for different purposes but traditionally, a mudroom is a space or room where outerwear and footwear can be removed before people enter the general living area of a home. This alleviates potential clutter and dirt that could accumulate in the nicer parts of a house. It’s a buffer zone, so to speak, between outdoor elements and indoor living.

Families with young children treasure this space tremendously as it provides a place for muddy cleats, sports equipment, umbrellas and other gear that otherwise could get thrown on the couch or dining room table. Young professionals may use this space for computer bags, satchels, shoes, overcoats and rain boots. Older couples or retirees often use a mudroom for gardening and golf equipment. This space is beneficial to all ages and stages of one’s life.

3 Benefits to Having a Mudroom

  1. Cleanliness: A mudroom prevents the outside from coming in. With rain, snow, mud, mulch, dirt and even pet droppings, there are a multitude of dirty elements that could make a home messy and smelly. The mudroom offers a place to take off shoes and boots, leave umbrellas, gardening equipment, leashes and other gadgets and equipment so the mess stays away from carpet, hardwoods, nice furniture and other lovely parts of a home.
  2. Organization: A mudroom or entryway space provides an opportunity to get organized. Often times, gardening and sports equipment get thrown in a hall closet or stacked in the garage. When items are then needed, it’s challenging to find exactly what you need. Cabinets, drawers and shelves located in a mudroom help families organize for outdoor fun and recreation.
  3. Storage: There never seems to be enough storage in a home. The mudroom offers a place for more storage, especially if you install storage units specifically made for an entryway area. The team at Braemar can offer you a number of options in regard to storage units for your mudroom. Whatever the style of your home or the wood type you seek, we can help you find what you need to create a lovely space.

If your home doesn’t offer the square footage for a separate room, an entryway space works just as well, if you have the correct storage unit. Whether you have the luxury of an entire mudroom or simply an entryway area, call Braemar today for assistance with ideas for your mudroom that will offer your family a cleaner, organized, and more efficient life.


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