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Bathroom cabinetry Alexandria

What are the steps to remodeling a bathroom?

Bathrooms are often the first place we enter upon awakening and the last place we visit before going to bed. This most-utilized room in the home should be a haven for homeowners and guests alike. Cabinets can add significant functionality and elegance to a bathroom. At Braemar we work with your design vision to find the best bathroom cabinetry for you and your home.

Choosing the type of wood for your cabinets is often the first decision. Natural hardwoods are a very popular choice for many homeowners. With numerous wood options on the market, Braemar clients will find the color that will coordinate best with the paint, appliances, and decor of the bathroom. The beauty of hardwoods is that no two pieces are alike and each contain their own beautiful grain and color. Whether you’re envisioning a dark wood or a lighter option, we’ll take you through the list of hardwoods until you find the one that fits your goals and desires.

Once our clients decide on wood type and color, the design team then discusses construction type. When it comes to construction, our brands offer framed and inset construction. Framed construction is the traditional type where rails and stiles form a “frame” at the front of the cabinet box. Framed cabinets use door hinges to attach doors to the face. In contrast, inset construction fits doors and frames inside the face frame openings leavening minimal space among cabinet components. When you visit our studio, we’ll show you the difference between the two types.

Material and construction type are the two big decisions. After that, we’ll talk about hardware and other accessorizing options.  Our team handles the ordering and ensure delivery. We can also pair you with a contractor to finalize installation.

At Braemar, we’re proud to offer three distinct and beautiful lines of bathroom cabinetry: Decora′, Schrock, and Kitchen Craft. With the expertise of our designers, we’ll true to dig in to your vision and develop goals for your bathroom. When cabinets, appliances, paint color, and decor seamlessly come together, the bathroom of your dreams will manifest. Call us today so we can get started on your bathroom design plans.

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