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5 Tips to Maximize a Spare Bedroom Space


With the holidays on the horizon, party and event planning is in the works. Within a month, homes across the country will be busting at the seams with family and friends. Not having enough space to accommodate guests can be a significant source of stress, especially during the holiday season.

Remember, a “spare bedroom” doesn’t actually have to be a bedroom. Any extra space or room in your home can be remodeled into a place suitable for overnight guests. Keep in mind, these folks simply need a place to sleep, dress and freshen up. The rest of their time will most likely be spent in the family room, kitchen or outdoor entertainment space.

Whether you’re updating a true spare bedroom or retrofitting another space into a guest bedroom, below are some tips to make it as relaxing and accommodating as possible.

1). Remove clutter: Guests are trying to relax. They don’t need to step over or try to move around boxes, bags or any other types of family clutter. Clean up so the only items and furniture in the room are solely for function or décor.

2). De-stress dressing: Be sure to include a mirror and an iron in the room. When folks are trying to get ready for dinner or an evening on the town, they don’t want to worry about going in and out of the room to find a mirror or bugging the host for iron. Make it easy for them.

3). Tell the time: It sounds like a small thing, but include a clock on the nightstand or on the wall. Even though most people these days check the time on their phone, it’s always nice to have a little clock handy, especially in the night when their phone may be plugged up elsewhere in the room.

4). Make it cozy: Be sure to make the room cozy for your guests. Away for the holidays and want to relax and enjoy themselves. Add some comfy blankets in a basket and some enjoyable reading material on the nightstand. Perhaps even include some unscented candles and an essential diffuser to make it extra cozy.

5). Keep it local: It’s fun to add a little local flair to your guest bedroom. Cut some fresh flowers and put in a vase or give your visitors a small container of local jam or honey. Some of the books in the room should be about local history or tourism.

No matter if the room is small or large, new or old, you can turn it into a guest retreat for your family and friends. The holidays can sometimes be nerve-racking. Eliminate some of that stress by providing your guests with a perfect play to stay. If you need some help making that happen, the Braemar designers are ready to help you. Give us a call today and let’s get started.

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