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5 Reasons Homeowners Remodel

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5 Reasons Homeowners Remodel

While remodeling can seem like a daunting task, it’s well worth it to achieve the home of your dreams. It’s especially rewarding if you work with a professional designer who understands the industry and can assist a client when it comes to materials selection, buying and design.

There are many reasons homeowners decide to remodel, but the five below are some of the most popular. Not only do they bring the current homeowner more joy and utility, they also increase the resale value of a home.

1). Open floor plan: An open floor is one of the top features current home buyers look for, or if a home lacks an open floor plan, the home buyer looks to see if one or more walls can be knocked down so an open floor plan can be created. This type of design opens up the home and makes it more inviting for gathering and entertaining.

2). More light: The benefits of natural light have been shown in numerous studies. Sunshine and brightness help boost a person’s mood significantly. Not only that, but natural light creates a brighter more beautiful space, decreases energy consumption and saves money in the long run. If adding more natural light is not an option, modern lighting has made vast improvements from bulbs of old. Today’s lighting is energy-efficient and offers a better, more relaxing ambiance to a room.

3). Higher ceilings or unique ceiling designs: Higher ceilings have ebbed and flowed in popularity over the centuries. Currently, they are back in high demand. Ornamental ceiling are also very popular right now. If raising your ceiling is too intense of a project, consider adding texture or design to your ceiling. Another popular look involves exposed beams which could be less expensive than raising the ceiling entirely.

4). Clean lines and simplicity: They say that outer order can bring inner calm. With life being hectic for most people, it’s nice and refreshing to come home to a place that’s clean and simply decorated. If you’re renovating or building, keep this “clean and simple” concept in mind as you plan with your designer. This may mean a sleek paint color or matching floors throughout the home. Whatever you decide, remember that less is more.

5). Larger/gourmet kitchens: More and more homeowners are choosing to cook elaborate meals at home. With more and more individuals putting health and wellness at the forefront of their lives, a large well-equipped kitchen is desired. Gone are the days where families slapped a TV dinner in the microwave. In today’s world, meals are created with love and care.

If you’re planning to give your home a facelift, give Braemar a call. Whether it’s one of these top five remodeling ideas or something different, we are ready to work with you and make your dream home a reality.

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