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4 suggestions for fall home renovation projects

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Mornings are crisp and footballs are flying. Fall is definitely on the horizon. When it comes to updating your home, this is a wonderful season for renovation. See below for some tips and suggestions regarding fall home renovation.

1). New windows: When fall arrives,  winter is on its way. Do you have certain windows that allow frigid air into your home during the colder months? Loose, thin or outdated windows greatly affect energy-efficiency, as well as your utility bills. Use the fall months to assess your windows and replace those that are letting cold air in.

2). Exterior paint: Whether you’re painting your entire home or just touching things up, fall offers plenty of mild weather days to make this happen. A fresh coat of paint or sealant is always a wise idea before ice and snow come along. If you plan to paint this fall, sooner is better than later. Experts do not recommend painting when temperatures are cooler than 45 or 50 degrees.

3). Cleaning and organization: With the holidays coming, fall is a great time to organize and declutter. That way, your house is nice and tidy when friends and family visit and you have more room to store all those Christmas gifts. Often times, your cabinets are not optimal for a particular room, or storage is lacking. At Braemar, we offer a plethora of cabinet and storage solution options.

4). Carpet cleaning: The humid days of summer are gone and the frigid winter months have yet to arrive, so fall is the perfect time to clean carpets. In doing so, you’ll have fresh carpets for those chilly days when the family is hanging out indoors.

Other suggestions include repairing/updating your roof, cleaning/repairing/protecting gutters, repairing driveways and walkways, updating and repairing the fireplace, and more. The designers at Braemar love working with homeowners to create a living space that’s functional, energy-efficient and beautiful. Give us a call today and let’s get started.

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